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Carriages of the Capital
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Invite Our Adorable, Friendly Pampered Party Ponies to Your Next Birthday Party, Picnic, or Special Event

We Offer Hand-Led Pony and Horse Rides

The Animals Ride Both Single and Double, and the Ponies can Pull a Cart

These Happy Horses and Festive Ponies Bring Smiles Everywhere They Go

Our Professional Staff is Supervised by an Engaging Team of Jack Russell Terriers

Both the Staff and the Puppies Encourage the Children to Interact with the Ponies -- Riding, Leading, Having Fun

Our Animals are Extremely Safe, as well as Versatile

They are Acclimated to City Conditions as well as the Country

Our Pony Rides We Can Be Done Almost Anywhere!
Kids Love Our Ponies

Our Pony, Jelly Bean, is Great Friends With Beanie

Smiling Faces Abound

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